Balance is key, and understanding weight distribution will set you free.
— Coach Rob

Rob Kellner

Rob is the team captain of Prevail. A lifelong baseball fan, Rob's coaching style incorporates the uplifting and inclusive feel of team sports into the world of boxing. Rob prepares the daily workouts, pushes the coaches to grow and learn internally in order to better lead the Prevail community. After years of training alongside Milan, Rob wanted in on the action and is an integral part of what makes the Prevail experience so unique.

The goal in Rob’s classes is for you to learn something new every day. Every day is different, and no workout routine has ever been repeated. Focusing on proper form, technique and the mechanics that lead to optimal success as a boxer.  His combat sports resume also includes training and competing in Muay Thai, American Kickboxing and Kenpo Karate.

Rob pushes his raspy voice to the limit to yell out dad jokes and help you master the fundamentals of boxing. Rob has a genuine passion for teaching and helping the Prevail community progress on their fitness journey.

Despite growing up in the Sunshine State, Rob has a serious love for snowboarding. Depending on the season, he’s either up in the mountains snowboarding or out at a Dodgers game.


PREVAIL MASTER COACH / ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor / TRX FTC Certified / Sport Conditioning Specialist / CPR/AED