Take action daily.
— Coach Milan

Milan Costich

Milan is the big, bad leader of the pack - yes, you can still be bad and in bed by 10pm. As the founder, he is fostering both the boxers within Prevail's community and the next generation of all-star coaches.

Hailing from the cosmopolitan metropolis of Falls Church, Virginia, Milan began his martial arts journey at the age of four. By the time he was a teenager, Milan had obtained two black belts, several national titles and a silver medal in the Jr Olympics. His Taekwondo journey was sidelined by an injury that rendered him unable to kick, but he didn’t let that stop him on his pursuit of self-excellence. Milan used his set-back as an opportunity to dedicate himself to the art of boxing.

Flash forward to young adulthood when Milan bid adieu to his humble beginnings and ventured off to sunny Los Angeles with just a bindle and a dream. He began working on the business side of the entertainment industry, but Milan felt a strong pull towards a more entrepreneurial endeavor. So, he struck out on his own to start a handful of business ventures. Eventually, a side gig training a former colleague in boxing sparked a true passion for coaching people to realize their full potential in health and fitness. And in 2011, Milan started what is now known as Prevail.

With the help of a small but mighty team, Milan transformed the business into the thriving and spirited community it is today. Through a unique platform for group fitness classes, Prevailers of all skill levels come together to share Milan’s authentic love for boxing. By encouraging dedication and persistence with a little tough love, Milan helps clients develop a champion’s mindset that can be employed in any and all areas of their individual lives. And for Milan, that applies to his training, work ethic and indulging in a big Italian cheat meal.