Focus on progress, not perfection.
— Coach Milan

Milan Costich

Milan is the leader of the pack. As the founder of Prevail, he is fostering both the boxers within Prevail's community and the next generation of coaches. Milan brings a calm demeanor and decades of experience to guide you on your path towards self-excellence. 

He was born on the outskirts of DC, and started training in martial arts at the age of four. By the time he was 12, Milan had two black belts, several national titles and a silver medal in the Jr Olympics. After a teenage injury rendered Milan temporarily unable to kick, he shifted focus and brought the discipline of martial arts to the art of boxing. This unexpected detour lead to the road that would define his lifelong journey.

After moving to Los Angeles, Milan worked in the business side of the entertainment industry. Growing in the corporate world, but feeling the pull towards a more entrepreneurial endeavor, he set out on his own and started a handful of business ventures simultaneously. Milan ran into a former mentor from his desk job days and, familiar with Milan’s background in combat sports, asked for personal boxing training. What started as a side gig turned into a true passion for coaching people to realize their full potential in health and fitness.

As his clientele grew, so did his desire to bring boxing to the masses. Prevail came to life in 2013, and through a unique platform for group fitness classes, Prevailers of all skill levels are able to feel Milan’s authentic love for boxing.  Class with Milan is about simplicity, patience and solidifying your foundation. As a coach, Milan helps you to develop the mindset of a champion through the idea that those who put in the most quality hours will prevail.

He might seem all business, all the time - but when he’s not dishing out the tough love, he’s probably out enjoying a big Italian cheat meal. It’s all about balance.