Make sure you’re exhaling with every punch - making a little noise helps. It might sound silly at first but it’s a great way to train yourself in proper breathing.
— Coach MeMe

Emilia "MeMe" Scott

Born and raised in Texas, MeMe (aka Meyoncé  - look forward to Queen Bey on every playlist) brought her energy to LA six years ago. She attended a three year theatre conservatory program, which resonates once you experience her warm, engaging personality.

MeMe has been a staple at Prevail since the very beginning. Her big smile has been there to welcome Prevailers from her early days at the front desk, to working as community manager and now as a coach. MeMe’s experience is that of a true Prevailer: she trained with the best and now she’s part of the best. Putting in hard work every day, facing off with the big boys and showing the true meaning of girl power.  

Her coaching style is about patience, progress and positivity. She’ll make sure your form is on point - whether it’s your boxing stance or your dance moves. MeMe’s attention to detail makes for a hyper-focused approach with clients; even in a full class, she gives you 1:1 attention. She’s also a great sparring partner for newbies that might be intimidated.

When she’s not in the gym, you can find MeMe on the hunt for her next food obsession at Smorgasburg or taking piano lessons.