For my first time Prevailers, my first tip will always be work hard on your footwork, all boxing comes from having great footwork, jumping rope is my favorite way to work this.
— Coach Louis

Louis Chandler-Joseph

Born and raised in London, Louis grew up boxing and playing what we like to call “soccer”. He spent eight years playing professional & semi-professional soccer, while continuing to box on the side. From a young age, Louis knew that he wanted to work professionally in the world of sports and fitness training.

As the grandson of an amateur boxer, boxing is in his blood. The sport shaped a lot of his childhood, and he was raised with a deep appreciation for boxing’s history. Louis is inspired by the preparation, constant learning and progression that comes with the training.

Louis has been with Prevail since late 2017 and brings his passion, energy and washboard abs to every class. With a storied history in this world, Louis uses this knowledge to keep pushing you out of your comfort zone. Always encouraging you to try new tactics and tweak your form. His most important rule? Have fun.

When he’s not in the gym, Louis loves hiking, hitting the Malibu beaches and enjoying a nice cocktail.