Start off slow whenever you’re practicing a new movement or technique, and gradually work your way up to full speed and power. It’s easier to learn something correctly the first time than it is to go back and fix bad habits.
— Coach Jesse

Jesse Neil

A true New Englander, Jesse Neil grew up in Massachusetts and later attended Boston University. One look at Jesse’s biceps will tell you that he’s been into strength training for the last 15 years. He first got into boxing while at BU, as a way to supplement the weight lifting. Jesse found the sport to be both challenging and rewarding, and the perfect tool to continue to push his fitness journey.

After college, Jesse moved to NYC and worked as a comedy writer for seven years. Comedy continues to be one of his passions; you can catch him hosting his own comedy podcast ‘New Player Has Joined’ or performing around LA.

Fresh from the Northeast (and already nostalgic for winter), Jesse moved to LA and joined Prevail in 2017. When he’s not boxing, Jesse can be found lifting, hiking, and gaming. He is an ACE certified group fitness instructor.

Jesse’s coaching style is the perfect blend of his strength training and comedy background; a strong focus on form, with some light-hearted heckling and self-deprecating humor. Aiming to push you a little bit further every day, and strengthen you both physically and mentally. On the playlist, you’ll hear artists like Logic and Childish Gambino with the occasional early 00s pop punk anthem.