Timing over speed.
Placement over power.
— Coach Graham

Graham Jenkins

Graham was born in the DC suburb of Alexandria, VA and counted down the days until he could move out West. He has been training in martial arts since the age of five. Bruce Lee movies inspired Graham to view fighting as not only a sport, but an art. Primarily training in Muay Thai, but also in wrestling, Keysi, Karate and Western boxing.

Three years of Prevail, three years of seemingly effortless knee tucks and a relentless passion for the sport. Graham encourages creative, self-motivation and aims for clients to discover what motivates them individually. With a focus on the “why” and not just the “how”, you’ll learn the reasons behind the movements, which leads to a better grasp on the techniques required to excel.

He comes across as reserved, but there’s a funny and sarcastic guy behind the tough exterior. Outside of the gym, Graham enjoys going to the movies and attending comedy shows up at UCB and the Comedy Store. He’s probably already seen and thoughtfully analyzed every movie currently in theatres. Graham is also an actor and for *some reason* he seems to always play the bad guy.