Prevail is LA’s premier fitness boxing studio, offering a clean and welcoming setting that focuses on getting fit through the art of boxing. At Prevail, we incorporate the mental, physical, and emotional challenges of boxing into a fitness regimen and lifestyle. By providing high-energy group classes that are designed to test your limits and help you exceed your own expectations, Prevail uncovers what it truly means to realize your potential. Our coaches are passionate about cultivating an environment where clients can improve endurance and strength, sculpt a lean and toned physique, and learn a complex skill set through the art of boxing. With every punch, we inspire and unleash the inner warrior that fights hard and dreams bigger. 



The SWEAT is what our community knows us best for – it’s the perfect blend of fundamental boxing technique & the latest in full body conditioning packed into a high-energy, music-fueled circuit workout aimed at helping you achieve a killer physique & a champion mindset. While you can always expect a carefully crafted balance of boxing & full-body burn, we have three variations on our signature SWEAT class to challenge your body, engage your mind, and give you just the right dose of aerobic, anaerobic, and strength training. All you have to do is show up.


SWEAT: leaner

In SWEAT: leaner, we’ll work at a steady, non-stop pace from the first minute until the bell rings. By striving for sustained effort to maintain about 70-80% max heart rate, we’ll keep our bodies in the maximum fat-burning zone. Whether you’re training for a fight or fighting off those extra lbs you got as a souvenir on your last vacation, consider this class your scale’s biggest rival. All levels welcome.

SWEAT: stronger

In SWEAT: stronger, we’ll build lean muscle by using added resistance such as weights, booty bands, medicine balls, TRX, rowing machines & more. In boxing, speed and agility are key, so every muscle needs to serve a purpose - we’ll focus on long, lean muscle and tone exactly what you need… and everyone needs a six-pack, right? All levels welcome.


SWEAT: faster

In SWEAT: faster, we’re blending boxing & HIIT for the ultimate metabolic conditioning workout that’ll take your technique AND explosiveness to a new level.  Much like the pacing in a real boxing match, we’ll alternate between intervals of full-on “sprints” [think boxing, agility, and plyometrics] and active recovery, to help you hit your limits & then some. All levels welcome.


The natural progression in your boxing journey, SUPER SWEAT is like SWEAT on [organic, non-GMO, gluten-free] steroids. Falling in line with our stronger, leaner, & faster SWEAT classes, SUPER SWEAT will be a heavyweight version of the day's workout; think longer combos, more advanced focuses, non-contact partner work & slightly more challenging conditioning for the chance to exceed your own expectations. [50 SWEAT classes required.]



30-minute, one-on-one focus mitt sessions with your favorite PRVL coaches. In boxing, whether it's your very first time, or you're 10-0 in the ring, the learning never stops. Take advantage of a private boxing session to solidify your fundamentals or amplify your technique so you feel ready for your next SWEAT. You set your goals, and we'll help you crush 'em.


Step into the [hypothetical] ring with us for a safe & supportive sparring experience. We’ll guide you through drills as you practice controlling your punches, reacting defensively, applying your footwork, and putting together combos. 

Prerequisite: 10 SUPER SWEAT classes, coach's approval, headgear, and mouth piece required.