Let your hips control your punches. Turn your body so you have a longer reach and more power. Stay loosy goosy, speed brings power and good form is everything. Treat those punches like a whip!
— Coach Aaron

Aaron-Michael Mendoza

Raised in Santa Barbara, Aaron recently brought his upbeat yet laid-back vibe to Los Angeles. A true Californian, Aaron grew up skateboarding, swimming and running and continues to love all three. Getting into martial arts at the age of six, he started with Taekwondo and Hapkido. At ten, he transitioned into kickboxing/boxing. In his 20s, this morphed into a love for Muay Thai which included training in Thailand.

Aaron met Milan through a mutual fitness-minded friend and after experiencing Prevail’s energy and community atmosphere, he knew he wanted in. Hungry to train and teach, Aaron started as a coach earlier this year and his positive energy is already radiating through the gym. With decades of experience in combat sports, Aaron is hyper-focused on technique and finessing the movements. You can draw a direct line from his sparring footwork to his love for dancing.

Fresh to LA, Aaron is exploring all that this city has to offer - road tripping up the coast, devouring popcorn at indie theatres and drinking mojitos at La Descarga.